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Evaluation of topology dependent grain growth equations using experimental data and macPherson-srolovitz equation

【Author in Chinese】 李文文刘国权王浩栾军华Asad Ullah

【Author】 LI Wenwen~1,LIU Guoquan~(1,2),WANG Hao~1,LUAN Junhuan~3,Asad Ullah~4 (1.School of Materials Science and Engineering,University of Science and Technology Beijing, Beijing 100083,People’s Republic of China; 2.State Key Laboratory for Advanced Metals and Materials,University of Science and Technology Beijing,Beijing 100083,People’s Republic of China; 3.Center for Advanced Structural Materials,Department of Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, City University of Hong Kong-999077 Hong Kong,People’s Republic of China; 4.Department of Mathematics,Karakoram International University,Gilgit-Baltistan,Pakistan)

【Institution】 北京科技大学材料科学与工程学院北京科技大学新金属国家重点实验室香港城市大学先进结构材料中心Department of Mathematics,Karakoram International University

【Abstract in Chinese】 本研究使用系列截面法重建三维纯铁晶粒,并测量了477个完整晶粒的体积V,平均宽度L,切直径C,棱长e,面数f和相邻晶粒平均面数mf。利用MacPherson-Srolovitz方程,我们计算出每个晶粒的长大速率,并利用实验结果评估现存的拓扑型晶粒长大速率方程。结果显示:Mullins和Hilgenfeldt方程在描述晶粒长大时均出现一定误差。此外实验表明,晶粒长大速率[f-m(f)]之间存在线性规律。

【Abstract】 Serial sectioning is employed to reconstruct the three-dimensional(3D) microstructure of polycrystalline pure iron.he volume V,mean width L,caliper diameter C,triple line length e, number of faces f and the average number of face of adjacent grains mf of 477 pure iron grains were measured, then individual grain’ s growth rate was calculated using MacPherson-Srolovitz’ s equation.The result shows that the convex grain model which used in the Mullins’ and Hilgenfeldt’ s equation causes a certain level of error in describing the growth behavior of 3D grains.In addition,a linear relation between 3D grain growth rate and[f- m(f)]exists,and further verified by(3-Ti’ s data.

【Fund】 国家自然科学基金(51071019,51371030)
  • 【Conference Name】第十三届中国体视学与图像分析学术会议
  • 【Time】2013-09-23
  • 【Place】中国山西太原
  • 【CLC code】TB303;O782
  • 【Conference Sponsors】中国体视学学会
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