Database Introduction
Introduction: Century Journals Project selects the most important academic journals published in China and digitizes all issues since their very first issue up till 1993 in an effort to expand the China Academic Journals Full-text Database. The earliest journal dates back to 1915. The ultimate plan of CJP is to digitize 3964 titles of journals by late 2006, including 2820 titles of science and engineering journals and 1144 titles of social science journals. The total article count will be around 6.5 million. For the first wave of CJP, we have selected 100 titles of social science and humanities titles to make them available to researchers. With the digitization of these resources, scholars and researchers have hundreds of original sources available to them at the touch of a button. The earliest CJSS journal dates back to 1950.
Year Coverage: 1979-1993(100 titles on social sciences are refined from CJP),
Publisher: China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House Copyright Statement