Database Introduction
Introduction: China Yearbooks Full-text Database (CYFD) is the largest, continuously updated yearbooks full-text database in China. It collects various type of yearbooks including national, regional, industry, enterprise yearbooks and so on.
Content Organization: 1. The database comprises 10 series and the 10 series are further divided into 168 subjects and then 3600 sub-subjects. See the subject navigation on the left.
2. According to industry classification, the yearbooks are classified into 16 industries of geography/ history, politics/ military/ diplomacy, law, economics, finance, construction/ land resource, agriculture, industry, transportation/ post/ telecommunications/ information, domestic and international trade, scientific research achievements, social science research achievements, education, culture/ sport, medicine/ hygiene, character.
3. According to administrative districts, local statistical yearbooks in CYFD is classified into 34 province-level districts. See the district navigation on the left.
Year Coverage: 1912 onward
Update Frequency: Semi-yearly
Publisher: China Academic Journals Electronic Publishing House Copyright Statement